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How to get started?


Visit and login to get started. Web app, PWA, Apple store or play store. Players learn by playing the game naturally.



What is Muah.AI? 


We are an AI companion platform, bringing the best, well-researched AI companion to everyone. No shortcuts. We are the first AI Companion on the market that integrates chat, voice, and photos all into one singular experience and were the first in the market to integrate SMS/MMS experience together(even though SMS/MMS is no longer available to the public anymore).


Why is it BETA? 


We are actively researching and testing new capabilities. Everyday we have major updates.


Why Muah.AI? 


We want to create the best AI companion available on the market using the most cutting edge technologies, PERIOD. is powered by only the best AI technologies enhancing the level of interaction between player and AI. The game was designed to incorporate the latest AI on release. Our love and passion is to create the most realistic companion for our players. is designed with the intention to be as easy to use as possible for beginner players, while also having full customization options that advanced AI players desire. 


What is the history of Muah.AI? 


Our team has been researching AI technologies and conceptual AI implementation for more than a decade. We began studying AI business applications over five years before ChatGPT’s release. Our earliest articles published on the subject of AI was in March 2018 ( We saw the growth of AI from its infancy since its beginning to what it is now, and the future going forward. Technically Muah AI originated from the non-profit AI research and development team, then branched out. Unlike countless Chatbots on the market, our AI Companion uses proprietary dynamic AI training methods (trains itself from ever increasing dynamic data training set), to handle conversations and tasks far beyond standard ChatGPT’s capabilities (patent pending). This allows for our currently seamless integration of voice and photo exchange interactions, with more improvements coming up in the pipeline.


Muah.AI started on 4-20-2023 with its first public alpha testing (formally named AI RPG). Breaking record level of development with SMS/Phone app, PWA, Web APP, iOS APP and android app zero to hero rapid development completed within two months. Fastest project development of its kind in the world, with complete proprietary, scalable AI solution design to production. Powered by unmatched proprietary AI co-pilot development concepts using USWX Inc technologies (Since GPT-J 2021). There are so many technical details we could write a book about, and it’s only the beginning.
We are excited to show you the world of possibilities, not just within Muah.AI but the world of AI.


Is it free? And how does Muah.AI afford the costs? contains multiple tiers including a free to play option. However, VIP members on paid tiers get special perks. All of our members are very important to us and we believe all of our tier options provide our players with industry leading value. is a premium service, and being a premium service with unmatched functionalities also comes at a cost. It would be economically impossible to offer all of our services and functionalities for free. Currently, even with our paid membership tiers loses money. We continue to grow and improve our platform through the support of some amazing investors and revenue from our paid memberships. Our lives are poured into and it is our hope you can feel the love thru playing the game.


How long does memory last? 


Permanently. Although, due to current limitation in AI technologies, companions are unable to use all the memories all at once.


For NSFW content - We are supporters of freedom of speech, therefore, NSFW content could be generated from AI RPG without direct censorship (it means we dont actively censor conversation, we just leave it be. Without encouragement or discouragement). However, NSFW content is generated by AI’s emotional and affection for the player at the given conversation (it means, AI could deny your request, or fulfill it based on its choices). For photo generation, players can make duplicated requests to generate multiple photo until desire is fulfilled. 


You can use Chinese, Spanish, or any other language of your choice to interact with your AI! And yes! You can use emoji, message likes, and text effects in conversation.  


How to buy membership?

You can buy membership when logged in thru our website at, go to user settings page and purchase VIP with the purchase VIP button.



We take the privacy of our players seriously. Conversations are advance encrypted thru SSL and sent to your devices thru secure SMS. Whatever happens inside the platform, stays inside the platform.  


I found a bug, what should I do?

Bugs are sent to us automatically and will be patched.  


How do I make changes to subscription?

You can make changes by logging in, under player settings there is biling management. Or simply drop an email, and we will get back to you. Customer service email is [email protected]  


Media/Press Contact:

Please contact us if you would like to write about us. [email protected]  


Investor/VC Contact:

We are looking for more than just money. We are seeking connections and resources to take the project to the next level. Interested? Schedule an in-person meetings at our undisclosed cooperate office in California by emailing:   

[email protected]  


Our team and special thanks:

Mark - USC Alumni - CO Founder  

Dr. Diana - USC Doctorate Psychologist/Social Work - underlaying research support   

Ashley - UCSD Alumni - Director of PR  

System Philosophy Research - core research   




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USWEIXIN - SHERIDAN, WY USA. [email protected]